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    Funeral with mini gerbera 40.00€
    Funeral fine with roses (ribbon is not included) 42.00€
    Funeral fine with gerbera with black ribbon 45.00€
    Funeral fine with gerbera white-red 45.00€
    Funeral fine yellow gerbera 45.00€
    Funeral fine - white lisants and cream color roses 48.00€
    Funeral fine with orange roses and gerbera 48.00€
    Funeral fine from white roses 48.00€
    Funeral fine white + begie with chrisatemum, gerbera, greenies 50.00€
    Funeral fine - red gerbera, white chrysantemum 50.00€
    Funeral fine cream colour of gerberas, roses and gypsophyla 50.00€
    Funeral fine - white alstromeria and roses, cream gerbera 50.00€
Products in page:
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