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To draw energy from the stones, to eliminate the shortcomings and strengthen the person's strongest features, keep the stones with you: in your pocket, on the bedside table while you sleep, or on a desk in a container.

They are the children of the starry sky. They are strong, sudden winds that blow everything away, leaving only the new. They love to break the routine and break the rules to overcome the limited "I" and come to a common "We". They dream of a united and shared group, created with respect for the decisions made and the freedom of each individual. They are special and desirable friends, but evasive fellow human beings. Aquarius is an inexhaustible source of inventions, but they lack practicality. They always hinder.
Amazonite - green. Amazonite promotes a love of nature by improving relationships with the environment and teaching us to perceive and understand the impulses of our body.
Blue quartz - blue. This stone suppresses excess and impulsivity. It also teaches not to dramatize and express the correct meaning of events.
White onyx - white. White onyx sharpens our minds and helps us perceive stimuli and impulses from the environment. It increases creativity and memory.
Blue howlite - blue. This stone helps to reconcile intuition and reason, fostering confidence in research and modifying spiritual schemes.



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